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While a large part of Europe is expecting an extremely high-pressure system with pressure readings 1045-1050 mbar until Thursday, there is a very interesting but dangerous feature developing – a deep upper-level low over the Iberian peninsula. It was re-developed from the North Atlantic wave we have been monitoring on Friday – the cyclone was very photogenic on the satellite imagery. With an additional advection of cold mid-levels along the eastern flank of the strengthening west European upper ridge, upper low is intensifying and building up a surface Lee cyclone. This system will develop a warm-core tonight and result in worsening weather conditions, delivering excessive rainfall, dangerous winds and major waves threats towards the coast of east-southeastern Spain until Thursday!
Note: The ‘Rex Block’ is a blocking pattern that has two main features, the ridge and the low. The most of Rex Blocks have a strong low-pressure system next to a strong high pressure where the high pressure is usually located to the immediate north of the low pressure. The upper low associated with the Rex Block is not completely cut-off from the upper-level flow and has a trend towards the east-west movement.
The upper-level pattern building over Europe will become a so-called Rex block pattern, as a very strong upper ridge is located to the immediate north of the surface cyclone. There is a powerful upper ridge over western Europe while an upper core / surface cyclone is located over the SW Mediterranean and Spain. It appears likely the upper core/surface low will be somehow trapped over the Iberian peninsula for several days, resulting in dangerous flooding conditions along the east-northeast Spain.

Bonita y elocuente imagen del bloqueo que como consecuencia mantiene un fuerte régimen de viento de Levante.
    Rovianemi ahora con notable cobertura de nieve.
De momento nada más. Me he permitido copia y pegar dada la urgencia del tema.
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